About ServiceLive

ServiceLive was founded in 2007 on the premise that there is a better way to manage services – using a balanced online marketplace that is in alignment with all of its constituents – buyers, providers and the ServiceLive platform.

We began building the platform and recruiting providers and went live in June of 2008. As with any new concept, we’ve been learning, growing and making changes ever since.

The ServiceLive platform offers providers access to more opportunities risk-free, quick payment, and the ability to earn unbiased ratings and reviews (only from customers who have hired the provider through ServiceLive.) Similarly, the ServiceLive platform offers buyers access to background-checked providers, insight into insurance levels and credentials, simple electronic payment options, and unbiased ratings and reviews. Everyone wins!

We now have more than 50,000 service orders running through the ServiceLive platform every month, and new buyers are joining every day, so the opportunities continue to grow.

Refer a Provider

Know of a great pro that others should work with? We’re looking for pros in various trades and specialties.

Refer a Pro

Expand your Workforce

Have too much work already or looking to offer new services? Use ServiceLive to expand your workforce on-demand. You can hire pros by the job – without the risk and expense of full-time help.

Community Driven

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